Students in Cenla Attend Pulse Immersion!

By Abby Rose Nichols

This previous Saturday, high school and college students gathered at Louisiana Christian University for a time of pro-life education, inspiration and fellowship! Cenla Pulse Immersion was a day packed with education on topics such as fetal development, abortion procedures, the impact of abortion, current Louisiana pro-life law, and how to have effective and compassionate conversations about abortion.

Students had the opportunity to hear from guest speakers who shared their stories and answered questions on adoption, foster care, women’s resources, and the impact of abortion. With interactive games and small groups, students were able to connect with other pro-life students in the state and discuss what activism they hope to bring into their high schools and college campuses in the near future. One student said, “Pulse Immersion was full of educational experiences turned into fun! We were given valuable information on things such as foster care, adoption, human trafficking, and learned more on what women may face and how to help them in a particular crisis. 

There’s so many things I loved about Pulse Immersion but one of my favorite parts was learning how to have a respectful conversation with someone who may view things differently from you. I believe that’s very important in our time. One of the missions of the pro-life ministry is to treat everyone with kindness no matter their situation and Pulse Immersion Day proved that those involved in pro-life activism are achieving that.”