Will You Give and Help Us Promote Love Life Amendment?

Did you know that the Love Life Amendment will be on ballots this November? You will have an opportunity to make history as our voices are heard to protect life. In the coming months, you will hear more about this amendment, but what you hear depends on defeating big abortion industry.

In Alabama, when a similar amendment was on the ballot, the abortion industry pumped in more than $1 million worth of advertising to try to defeat it. We must stand up against the abortion business. We must get the word out about this amendment to our pro-life state.

You can help! Please help us raise the money needed to create an advertising campaign to defeat the abortion industry. We have a statewide effort including billboards, phone calls, social media boosts, yard signs, and more. We just need the money to get our word out.

Please contact Angie Thomas at to join this effort and make history!

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